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Novel Integrated Photonic Devices for High-Power Ultrashort Pulse Generation


Semiconductor monolithically-integrated photonic devices that can generate high-power ultrashort pulses are underdeveloped by far, although they are very promising in many application areas such as biomedical imaging, laser surgery and laser therapy, due to the stable, reliable, low-cost and portable features of this class of devices. The goal of this project is to develop a new generation of high power, low beam divergence, ultrafast semiconductor integrated photonic devices. The target area encompasses biomedical and relevant applications, although the range of applications where high-performance compact ultrafast laser sources can be deployed is very wide. This new generation of integrated ultrafast laser sources is expected to replace the expensive and bulky solid-state ultrafast laser sources in the near-infrared waveband in a number of applications.

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DD1 4HN Dundee
United Kingdom

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Peter Peek (Mr.)
EU contribution
€ 211 092,80