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Nanoscale detection of entangled surface plasmon polaritons


"The field of quantum plasmonics has emerged as a combination of quantum optics and plasmonics with the promise of allowing nanoscale quantum circuits and communication. To achieve this goal fundamental knowledge of plasmon on the quantum scale is required but missing up to now. This project presents a first step by employing a novel approach to measure the interaction of entangled surface plasmon polaritons by nanoscale all-plasmonic detector.
To achieve this goal, we will create a conceptually new plasmon detector consisting of star-shaped nanoparticles placed close to a gold surface. The detection mechanism is relies on the highly efficient up-conversion of surface plasmon polaritons mediated by the gold nanostars into higher energy photons.
The created detector will be used to measure two single plasmons generated by single photons. The demonstrated single plasmon efficiency will allow us to explore the interaction of two entangled surface plasmon polaritons. From this research we hope to gain further insight into the quantum nature of surface plasmon polaritons and their interaction on the nanoscale."

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Avinguda Carl Friedrich Gauss 3
08860 Castelldefels

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Dolors Mateu (Ms.)
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€ 109 988