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Experimental generation of distant quantum dot spin entanglement


"Quantum dot spins, known as “artificial atoms”, not only provide platforms for studying spin dynamics in a solid-state environment, but also serve as promising candidates for implementing scalable quantum computation. Considerate efforts have been devoted to manipulating quantum dot spins as qubits. Precise preparation of initial qubits and complete control of a single quantum spin with optical means have been reported. Until now, however, the generation of distant quantum dot spin entanglement still remains challenging. Here, we propose to prepare quantum dot spin entangled states by making the photons from two distant quantum dots interfering on a wave-guide beam splitter, which is out of reach of all previous experiments. We also plan to study problems of fundamental importance in quantum mechanics, such as entanglement swapping, entanglement purification and testing of Bell inequality with quantum dot spins."

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Raemistrasse 101
8092 Zuerich

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Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Administrative Contact
Atac Imamoglu (Prof.)
EU contribution
€ 187 028,80