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"Australian/Chinese connections in the world city network: specification, modelling, and EU implications"


"The overall scientific objective of this IOF research training project is to examine recent world city network (WCN) evolutions, with a specific focus on (i) how for Australia’s leading cites (Sydney and Melbourne in particular) this evolution is being driven and shaped by the booming economies/connectivities of China’s leading cities (Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong in particular) and (ii) the wider implications of the latter for Europe’s major metropolises.

The methodological context is a model developed by the leading research group in this field, i.e. the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) network, of which the applicant has recently become an associate director. The proposed IOF research training project will continue to draw on this GaWC model and the standard techniques for investigating the resulting datasets, but it will also seek to tease out two novel methodological approaches for understanding (evolutions in) the WCN. These novel methodologies will (i) concentrate on devising more detailed analyses of individual inter-city links and (ii) focus on ways to link up the fast-evolving WCN literature with the established literature on (the evolution of) social networks. In addition, the project will also entail a sizable research management component.

The project’s EU host is Ghent University (Belgium), the third country host is Monash University (Australia). The choice for Monash University is based on unique combination of top-drawer research schools in tangible research domains which together sustain the ideal environment for carrying out the proposed research project. The project’s EU dimension is further secured through the presence of a prestigious European Union Research Centre at Monash University."

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Saskia Vanden Broeck (Ms.)
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€ 349 125,00