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Base Station (BS) Aided D2D (Device to Device) communication in cellular networks


"Recent studies predict that the traffic to mobile devices will increase by two orders of magnitude
in the next few years. In particular, this is due to multimedia download generated by the widespread success of Internet-capable smartphones and other portable devices. Today's wireless cellular networks are strained by this dramatic increase in traffic demand. In order to meet this challenge, we argue that a novel network architecture that combine the best of both cellular and ad-hoc (device to device) networks is needed.
This project addresses the theoretical foundations and the system design of a base-station assisted (BSA) device to device (D2D) network, where a large number of D2D local links coexist under a common cellular ``umbrella''. At the same time, in order to take advantage of such architecture for mutimedia distribution, we propose to leverage the massive distributed storage capacity of modern wireless devices (in the order of more than 100TB per sq. km,
in moderately dense urban environment). We advocate the use of regenerative distributed storage codes (a novel form of network coding) for disseminating and retrieving the multimedia information by exploiting mainly the parallel D2D links.
The theoretical foundations of our design leverage several recent development in information theory and coding, such as noisy network coding, interference alignment, regenerative storage codes, multiple description source coding and joint source-channel coding. The project is theoretical in nature, but targets a thorough system performance evaluation in realistic conditions, in order to foster recommendations for future wireless standards and technology transfer to enhance
the European technology competitive edge. The complementary expertise of the fellow researcher and of the host research group, and their world-class research track record are ideally positioned for successfully carrying out this project."

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