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Photoresponsive multifunctional DNA block copolymer nanocarriers for drug delivery and vaccine development


Cancer treatment and vaccine development represent two of the major challenges that contemporary medicine is confronted with. Although significant progress has been achieved in both fields, the present methodologies remain limited, in part due to the numerous specific requirements for each treatment. This proposal focuses on the development of a novel, versatile drug delivery system suitable for either purpose, combining multifunctionality and controlled molecular release using biocompatible materials. The proposed approach involves the use of self-assembled nanocarriers based on amphiphilic DNA block copolymers with a photodegradable linker (PL) as a junction point (DNA-PL-Pol). These nanocarriers combine the advantageous features of the constituents of the DNA-PL-Pol, i.e. the possibility of attaching multiple functionalities by DNA hybridization, the localized and controlled release of encapsulants by near-infrared irradiation (NIR) and the biodegradability of the polymers. The project involves on one hand the synthesis of DNA-PL-Pol and the study of their aggregation behavior and on the other hand, the testing of the systems in cancer treatment and vaccine development. The proposed work will cover diverse fields in scientific research, i.e. organic and polymer synthesis, physical organic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, biochemistry, cancer therapy and immunology.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Jeffrey Hubbell (Prof.)
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€ 236 283,60