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Interface engineering of ionic conductor multilayer and cathode nanocomposite thin film oxides


European community is investing many resources into renewable energy research to come off the fossil source dependence and to reduce carbon oxide emissions. Solid Oxide Fuel Cell is one of the more promising solutions thanks to its high energy conversion efficiency and fuel flexibility. The industrial expansion of ionic conductors as commercial devices for energy production, oxygen generation or gas sensors, is related to the development of new electrolyte materials with higher ionic conductivity. Recent investigations have demonstrated an important interface effect in multilayer’s thin films with an enhancement of the ionic conductivity of several orders of magnitude. Our project intends to investigate, by a fundamental point of view, the physical and chemical bases that regulate this super ionic behaviour. We propose two different approaches to study this interface effect. The first one consists on designing interfaces parallel to the substrate by multilayer PLD deposition; multilayers will be based on different materials as the mixed ionic electronic conductor La0.9Sr0.1Ga0.8Mg0.2O3-δ, or the δ phase Bi2O3 high oxygen ion conductor. The second one employs a nanolithography method to engineer ionic conductor interfaces perpendicular to the substrate which will be formed by ionic conductor YSZ columns embedded in a second thin film. In both strategies the use of different single crystal substrates will permit to tailor film stress tensile or compressive and the relative interface defect formations. Top class facilities as Titan HTEM and LEIS TOF SIMS will be essential to correlate defect formation, strain and dopant segregation to the interface effect in ionic conductivity enhancement. Nanolithography will be also utilized to design new dense nanocomposite cathodes formed by columns of an ionic conductor set into an electronic conductor thin film. This model system will offer new tools to investigate the interface effect on the cathodes’ oxygen reduction reaction

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