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LAttice COdiNg for multiuser wIreless Communications


"In the last decade, the wireless industry has witnessed an impressive growth worldwide. Advances in wireless technology have enabled a wide range of applications, from third generation (3G) mobile phones to new local area network and broadband standards such as WiFi and WiMAX. The demand for high-speed mobile capability continues to increase, with new standards being developed such as LTE and 4G.
New communication paradigms are being introduced to exploit the capacity of wireless systems. Due to the shortage of licensed spectrum, multiuser systems are emerging as an alternative to time-sharing, enabling terminals to share bandwidth.
The LACONIC project, to be carried out at Imperial College London by Dr Laura Luzzi (fellow) and Dr Cong Ling (host), aims at designing high-performance codes for the multiuser case, by addressing LAttice COdiNg for multiuser wIreless Communications. It is inspired by the recent breakthrough in network information theory, which has shown the significant theoretical potential of lattice codes. The project will realize this potential by constructing explicit multiuser lattice codes. It will focus on two main scenarios: the multiple access channel and the interference channel.
A great challenge for the practical implementation of lattice codes is the complexity of decoders, which entails a prohibitive computational load for mobile devices. The project will develop low-complexity decoding algorithms which exploit the algebraic properties of the codes.
Mathematical tools play a prominent role in the design of high-performance codes. Thus, the LACONIC project will benefit from an interdisciplinary study of recent techniques in the fields of number theory and cryptography.
The proposed fellowship will enable Dr. Luzzi to widen the scope of her research from point-to-point communications to network coding, and to acquire an expertise in lattice coding. Training in hardware implementation will complement her theoretical background."

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