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Jumbled Strings: Theory and Applications

Final Report Summary - JUSTA (Jumbled Strings: Theory and Applications)

This project aimed at making decisive steps towards a theory of Parikh vectors and strings, with particular attention to applications in bioinformatics. In particular, the objectives included the development of dedicated data structures and algorithms for Parikh vectors, in the three problem areas of search, comparison and reconstruction. The project was interrupted after only three months, because the fellow, Dr Zsuzsanna Liptak, was offered a permanent position as Assistant Professor at the University of Verona. In this short period of three months, she was still able to make progress towards several of the goals stated in the project proposal (work plan). The current results need further work but are expected to eventually result in publications at international conferences and/or international journals. The fellow was also able to benefit from some training opportunities offered at the host institution, as well as at an international conference she attended. She is dedicated to pursuing the project further. The website of the project is and the fellow can be contacted at