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Innovations in algorithmic game theory


The last decade has seen the emergence and prospering of a new interdisciplinary field of research often termed “Algorithmic Game Theory.” This field lies at the crossroads between computer science, game theory, and economics, a combination which is needed to address many of the challenges that the Internet poses. Not only is this field full of intellectual excitement internally, not only is it already intellectually influencing the three parent disciplines, but it also has significant applications on the Internet as can be seen from the large number of researchers in the field hired by Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

The first decade of algorithmic game theory (AGT) has concentrated on several main theoretical themes along with their implications on various applications such as peer-to-peer networks, information markets, prediction markets, network security, and many others. The three theoretical themes that lie at the heart of AGT are: (i) algorithms for computing equilibria; (ii) algorithmic mechanism design; and (iii) inefficiency of equilibria.

While there is no question that these three themes will continue to play an important role, and that the Internet will continue to be an important motivator, it is also clear that the field is rapidly evolving with new challenges, applications, and techniques constantly appearing on the scene.

As part of the proposed project, I plan to concentrate on the following three main topics, all strongly rooted in the fields of game theory, mechanism design, algorithms, artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, and communication networks: (i) truth and justice: the interplay between incentive compatibility and envy-freeness in mechanism design; (ii) complete versus incomplete information: quantifying the loss in social welfare arising due to partial information; and (iii) a prescriptive approach for playing games.

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