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Active and Passive Photonics with Coupled Optomechanical Resonators


"Manipulation of the matter properties with radiation pressure (optical) forces is one of the high-impact topics in the multidisciplinary area of Photonics. In a photonic system often the optical and mechanical modes can effectively couple giving birth to novel fascinating phenomena described through a new discipline - Optomechanics. In this context, in a system of coupled circular resonators, of which one is mobile and the other is a fixed one, the optical forces can control the position of the mobile cavity driving it into an optically generated ultra-narrow (picometer) trapping mechanical potential. This means that the mechanical properties of an optical device, in particular its position in real space can be precisely controlled via the use of light exclusively. Therefore this system enables possible applications ranging from all-optical switching and tuning to adaptive optical filters. The objective of this proposal is to realize effectively coupled waveguide/single (and double) resonator systems monolithically integrated into a silicon chip. The project will address both optically passive and active systems. In the passive resonators we aim to demonstrate for the fist time optical trapping of an optomechanical resonator, while in the second case we will study optomechanical resonators containing silicon nanocrystals as active nonlinear material, with a final goal to demonstrate near-infrared range tunable optomechanical laser combs. Importantly, these fundamental physical phenomena will be studied in all-on-chip integrated silicon devices, thus opening door to immediate applications."

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Lorenzo Pavesi (Prof.)
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