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"Music, Terror and Manipulation under the Greek Junta"


"MUSTERMAN critically studies music’s role in manipulation and terror under the Greek military Junta (1967–1974). The cultural politics and musical culture of the Junta belong to a larger history of social control under repressive Cold War regimes. So far, musicological attention on the Greek case has focused exclusively on the music of resistance to the dictatorship; the music of the regime itself remains unstudied. MUSTERMAN aims to close this gap by investigating three aspects of the Junta’s musical culture: music as a medium of manipulation and propaganda; the gender aspects of the masculinized Greek national identity propagated by the regime; and the use of music as a weapon of torture. The analysis of these aspects will combine historical and empirical research with an appropriate critical and theoretical framework. It will reconstruct and document the Junta’s musical culture through archival and textual research, and interviews with torture survivors and torturers. An interdisciplinary framework for interpreting and assessing empirical findings will be developed from concepts and tools of critical musicology, psychoanalytical theory and trauma studies, and Critical Theory. MUSTERMAN aims to deliver a monograph to a major international academic publisher. This monograph will synthesize the research into an empirically rich and theoretically grounded critical account of the abuse of music under the Junta, moving beyond traditional musicology’s tendency to treat music as an invariably emancipatory and enlightening art-form. Intermediate project aims include the development of an online database archiving the reconstructed musical culture of the Junta and two articles for peer-reviewed journals. Plans for networking and knowledge transfer include research presentations, a conference, and a proposal for a training network. Results will also contribute to current international debates on human rights, international law and the ban on torture supported by the EU."

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