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"Global civil society, new diplomacies and the EU External Action. Transforming socio-environmental conflicts through non-violent international support of empowerment processes."


"The aim of this project is to analyse the potential role of EU External Action to deal with non-violent processes of conflict transformation in the particular context of socio-environmental conflicts. It will examine practices, strategies and tools developed from the scope of environmental citizenship to contribute to the empowerment of local parties for non-violent conflict transformation. This research will determine recommendations to improve the EU civilian crisis management and the EC conflict prevention system to deal with socio-environmental conflicts. These objectives will be achieved through the use of the environmental citizenship concept to reinforce transnational entities working on conflict transformation and to generate new forms of participative global citizenship, and data collection from non-violent socio-environmental resistance experiences, new diplomacies interventions and environmental citizenship participation projects. Research methodology also includes the design of indicators for analysing socio-environmental conflict escalation and socio-environmental impact of the EU External Action; comparative approaches between EU and Latin American experiences of socio-environmental conflicts and citizenship; the adoption of a dissemination plan and the elaboration of policy papers to provide ideas and recommendations to the EU. The project is relevant for the work programme because it will benefit the Community level because it will allow the improvement of the European Commission “conflict prevention” system. The research results will show different approaches for addressing resources more efficiently and they will allow the development of new tools and mechanisms in the areas of EC co-operation assistance (trade, investments, aid, human rights, democracy, rule of law, etc.). This research will also benefit to the European Union level through its contributions to the civilian crisis management system which will strength the EU External Action."

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Alan Hunter (Prof.)
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€ 193 849,60