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Advanced characterisation of ELEctronic properties of GAllium Nitride based devices


The project is focused on the characterisation and modelling of a new generation of wide band gap (WBG) GaN technology and devices for which strong impacts in terms of performance, reliability and robustness are expected.
GaN material, despite its extraordinary properties and the strong demand of some markets (see following paragraphs) is still at R&D stage, mainly for reasons linked to a poor understanding of electrical effects in the material. One of the main identified bottleneck relates to the dispersive phenomena observed which limits substantially the device performances. ELEGAN will address directly the study and understanding of the trapping effects in field effect GaN-based transistors. Those effects are detrimental to device operation for they are not only inducing lag effects (dispersive phenomena) between the gate command and the resulting output current-voltage I-V characteristics, but also have a strong impact on device breakdown voltage.
The objective of ELEGAN is to understand the trapping effects in field effect GaN-based transistors.
The achievement of such objective will result in contributing to several strong socio-economic impacts:
- strengthen the EU competitiveness in various sectors: telecom, space, electrical conversion (car industry, consumer electronics etc.);
- lower the power consumption of Electronic products;
- set up future standards in microwave or electrical conversion.
To reach this objective, the fellow will undertake different type of research activities: in particular, he will carry out electrical characterisation (DC IV measurement, pulse IV, C-V) and he will use state of the art physical transport simulator to determine the origin and location of the deep level electronic traps. These research activities are detailed in the following paragraphs.

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Denis Mazerolle (Dr.)
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€ 186 248