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Polymer / metal nanoparticles composites with enhanced non-linear optical properties


The boost development of pioneering optoelectronic devices creates the need for powerful non-linear optical materials. Recently, the combination of metal nanoparticles with carefully designed polymers pointed out that it is possible to create composite materials with orders of magnitudes enhanced non-linear optical activity. However, no systematic studies yet exist on the parameters that influence the composite’s non-linear optical properties yet. In the presented project, the systematic study of those parameters is proposed. The implementation of the proposal involves the synthesis of well-designed polymers and metal nanoparticles as well as their combination in the form of thin films with the desired structural characteristics. Subsequently, the non-linear optical properties of the films will be measured and the results will be interpreted under the prism of the films’ structural characteristics. A number of parameters is proposed to be elucidated, such as metal nanoparticles concentration, disposition and surface plasmon resonance, interaction between polymer and nanoparticles, film thickness, etc. The outcome of the project is expected to establish certain guidelines for the design of effective non-linear optical materials, suitable for advanced technologies.

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Αττική Aττική Κεντρικός Τομέας Αθηνών
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