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MicroElectroMechanical Generators Based on High Performance Piezoelectric Materials


"The process of acquiring small amounts of ambient thermal, mechanical or electromagnetic energy surrounding a system and converting it into usable electrical energy is called power energy harvesting. At international and European level there is an actual interest towards a large panel of applications, from the off-grid rural regions of emerging markets (mobile charging solutions, lighting) to the modern building industry (wireless sensor networks and switches) or transportation (wireless safety monitoring in automotive and railroad).

The overall objective of the proposal is advancing the research frontier towards more integrated and more autonomous piezoelectric energy harvesters by using innovative piezoelectric materials for converting the commonly unused mechanical energy that is dissipated into vibrations and shocks of various structures. This captured electrical energy could then be used for extending the power supplies life or, in the ideal case, may provide a complete and permanent supply energy.

The research activities into innovative PMN-PT piezoelectric materials of the former Intra European Fellowship are continued towards integrated micro-electro-mechanical devices (PiezoMEMS) able to convert low levels of ambient vibrations and impulses. Optimised circuits intended for the storage of energy into supercapacitors or miniature batteries will be designed. Finally, suitable applications in the fields of sensors, actuators and wireless distributed systems will be identified and implemented.

The proposal realises a collaboration between the former Intra European Fellowship host (FEMTO-ST, France) and the re-integration institution (UVT, Romania) in agreement with the call specificities and given the proven expertise in renewable energy sources (re-integration host) and in micromechatronics and piezoelectric devices (former fellowship host)."

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