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Strongly correlated dipolar quantum gases with tuneable interactions in one-dimensional traps


"Ultracold gases offer unprecedented opportunities to explore quantum many-body physics and are versatile model systems for understanding quantum matter and associated exotic phenomena.
This proposal combines the rich physics of one-dimensional quantum gases with versatile dipolar interactions produced by laser dressing. Dipolar interactions could be observed in an atomic gas of ground state atoms by weakly admixing highly excited Rydberg states with laser light. This approach has the advantage of introducing strong interactions with electric dipole moments of several Debye, while maintaining a relatively long lifetime for the trapped atoms. The interactions can be manipulated through the laser intensity or detuning, and through the orientation and strength of external electric fields. Combined with tailored trapping geometries this opens a path to the study of strongly correlated quantum phases and collective many-body effects, with exceptional control over inter-particle interactions. It will serve as a unique platform with which to study the physics strongly correlated many-body quantum systems."

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Seminarstrasse 2
69117 Heidelberg

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Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Administrative Contact
Matthias Weidemüller (Prof.)
EU contribution
€ 45 000