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DRIVERS: Addressing the strategic Determinants to Reduce health Inequality Via 1) Early childhood development, 2) Realising fair employment, and 3) Social protection


There is evidence that social gradients in health exist both between and within countries. This research proposal will build on the recommendations of the Commission on Social Determinants of Health (CSDH) and the Marmot Review of Health Inequalities, as well as on two European reviews commissioned by the EC and WHO Europe that are currently underway. It will focus on three of the key drivers to reduce health inequities:
* early childhood development;
* employment and the work environment;
* income, welfare and social protection.

The research will review evidence and the methods to assess the impact of policies and programmes in these three areas relating to health inequities, develop new methods and evidence, and provide policy recommendations and advocacy guidance. The three main objectives are:

1) identifying and filling key gaps in knowledge about policies driving these three social determinants,
2) analysing methods which have been applied to assess these effects, improving or developing new methods and applying and testing them in case studies across Europe.
3) assessing how the research findings are applicable to real-life situations and stakeholders, and providing advocacy guidance and policy recommendations to reduce health inequalities.

The research will be undertaken by a consortium of research bodies - UCL, Dusseldorf University and the Swedish Centre for Health Equity Studies- in partnership with organisations representing the public health sector, civil society and business (EuroHealthNet, EAPN, Eurochild and BiTC). Partners will contribute to case studies, testing methodologies and applying participatory approaches to ensure that outcomes are grounded in socioeconomic realities. EuroHealthNet, with expertise in coordinating EU projects and in EU policy issues will manage the project and lead on the advocacy research and dissemination. Research outcomes will contribute to meeting the EU 2020 targets and related flagship initiatives.

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