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Memory Compositional Abstract Domains:
Certification of Memory Intensive Critical Softwares

Final Report Summary - MEMCAD (Memory Compositional Abstract Domains:Certification of Memory Intensive Critical Softwares)

The MemCAD project has led to the discovery of new techniques in static analysis of software, that will facilitate the verification of programs that use complex data structures, such as unidimensional or multidimensional arrays, lists, trees, dictionaries. These range from Operating Systems to Web Applications or Spreadsheet Software. All these are error prone and hard to maintain. The MemCAD project investigated a principled approach to the verification of such programs, so as to ensure their correctness. It has led to novel analysis techniques and tools (many of which are now available as open source software), and to the creation of a startup (MatrixLEAD, which aims at the verification of spreadsheet software).