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Biomarker for Cardiovascular Risk Assessment in Europe


Biomarkers are considered as tools to enhance cardiovascular risk estimation. However, the value of biomarkers on risk estimation beyond European risk scores, their comparative impact among different European regions and their role in the drive towards personalised medicine remains uncertain.

Based on harmonised and standardised European population cohorts we have built significant research collaboration, expertise and infrastructure in the EU. We will apply highly innovative SME-driven technologies and perform large-scale biomarker determination to assess the predictive value of existing and emerging biomarkers.

Selection of emerging biomarkers will be based on integrated cutting-edge quantitative proteomic, transcriptomic, metabolomic, and miRNomic datasets established by private and public consortium members that will be disclosed to this consortium. Existing biomarkers will be selected based on non-redundancy and their association with cardiovascular risk and phenotypes. After SME-guided development of innovative assay systems biomarkers will be tested and validated in a stepwise fashion among European populations in primary and secondary prevention. In addition to their impact on risk prediction, their association with lifestyle determinants and cardiovascular phenotypes assessed by ultrasound and MRI technique will be evaluated.

We will establish a BiomarCaRE panel which leads to improved disease prediction among different European populations. International collaborations with world-class clinical trial investigators will add data on the interaction of the BiomarCaRE panel with risk-lowering medication and lifestyle changes. The outcome of SME-driven technology development and clinical validation will undergo a medical technology assessment. The determination of cost-effectiveness will guide further clinical evaluation. These studies will reveal new methods of improved cardiovascular risk estimation and will open the path towards personalised medicine.

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