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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Investigation of the effects of Thermal Stratification on Hydrodynamics of a Reservoir


Understanding the lake hydrodynamics is important for the management of water resources and thermal stratification is of great importance for the pattern of mixing in lakes and reservoirs. This study will investigate the structure of the thermal stratification, its relation to wind and flow conditions, and its effects on vertical velocity profiles, suspended sediment concentrations and water quality parameters.

In lakes and reservoirs, the effects of thermal stratification on velocity profiles and subsequently on water quality parameters are not completely understood. At the end of this study, simple relationships between stratification and velocity profiles, stratification and suspended sediment concentrations, stratification and water quality parameters w ill be established. The numerical model that will be applied to the reservoir is a 3-D hydrodynamic model necessary for simulating both the horizontal circulation in the reservoir due to wind effect and inflows/outflows and vertical circulation in the water column required for assessing the effects of stratification.

Existing studies on the topic lack extensive field measurements required for validation of numerical models applied to the water systems. The proposed study will deliver simple relationships based on numerical modelling validated by field measurements filling this gap.

Climate change is among one of the three main priorities of the Sixth Environmental Action Programme. In this study, the researcher will use a comprehensive numerical model validated by a series of field measurements to model hydrodynamics in a reservoir. Then, the possible scenarios of climate change will be determined by the application of widely accepted climate models. Investigation of the sensitivity of water quality parameters to the changes in temperature as anticipated by the existing climate change models will guide policy makers for the sustainable management of water resources in the future.

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