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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Carbohydrate metal complexes as photo chemotherapeutics and radiotracers for the treatment and visualisation of cancer


The specific and multivalent saccharide-receptor interactions opens a new way of drug targeting to specific cells and introduction of very active metal complexes with a high potential for medical applications by unifying them with carbohydrate moieties. CARBOMETCOM includes two different approaches combining the positive attributes of both transition metal complexes and carbohydrates in order to achieve novel selective photo chemotherapeutics and contrast agents.

The first concept is the synthesis of carbohydrate functionalised ruthenium complexes, which should be able to selectively infiltrate or bind onto cell surfaces depending on the type of sugar substitution. Novel coupling reactions for the formation of saccharide substituted metal complexes will be developed. The obtained complexes will be incubated with HeLa cells and their migration within this biological tissue will be detected.

The second approach is the development of methods for the synthesis of novel tailor-made S-glycosides for the compexation of radioactive nuclides to create novel selective contrast agents. CARBOMETCOM will advance my competences particular in terms of multidisciplinarity and research management in the process of reaching a position of professional maturity and independence.

Through the establishment of international collaborations I will consolidate and widen my career perspectives within the European Union. I will acquire knowledge and skills from the world leading group in the field of synthesis and characterisation of carbohydrate metal complexes and their application.

The achieved results will open up new perspectives for selective drug delivery and development of new specific chemotherapeutics and contrast agents and provide the EU with new and competitive tools in the area of combating and imaging cancer as well as life science. This certainly meets the objectives of the FP 6 Combating Cancer (thematic priority 1.1.1).

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