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Electricity Demand and Supply Harmonizing for EVs

Project description

Supplements to strengthen cooperation in ICT R&D in an enlarged European Union

The sustainable integration of the electric vehicles requires an intelligent charging system for the real-time\nexchange of charge related data between FEVs and the grid in order to allow the management of:\n• high-current fast-charging for large numbers of FEVs in a brand-independent way\n• price-adaptive charging/reverse-charging at optimum price for the customer\n• the real-time grid balancing according to spatial and temporal needs and capacities, influenced by the demand (FEVs) and the supply side (unpredictability of regenerative energies)\n• competent remote load charging process control in order to prevent damages of FEV batteries.\nIt is the objective of e-DASH to develop those IC Technologies and processes that are needed to achieve the real-time integration of "FEVs" in the European Electricity Grid to enable an optimum electricity price to the customer and at the same time allows an effective load balancing in the grid.\nGreat emphasis is placed on the "openness of the V2OEM Interface" granting access to multiple players maintaining the customers' choice.\ne-DASH is structured into 5 work packages, with:\n• WP 100 addresses project administration and scientific coordination\n• WP 200 defines relevant functionalities for the use case and covers all EV-related developments as to the over-the-plug and the over-the-air communication\n• WP 300 addresses the development of the E-Mobility Broker and OEM Back-End\n• WP 400 develops the "Demand Clearing House" and the respective FEV demand & supply management – grid balancing system\n• 500 covering cross-cutting items: legal aspects, dissemination and standardization, system validation & demonstration\ne-DASH will become crucial to future electric road transport by providing the necessary intelligent charging system, which is able to balance locally and temporarily in almost real-time the electricity demand of large numbers of FEVs (fast charging) and instable regenerative energy supply.

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