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EU-NESCA Research Dialogue

Final Report Summary - EU-NESCA (EU-NESCA Research Dialogue)

The project aimed to widen and deepen the research dialogue between the European Research Area (ERA) and the Network of European Studies Centres in Asia (NESCA) as well as European studies associations in Asia. The consortium consisted of four European and six Asian universities with special engagement and related infrastructure in European studies. Main objectives were:
(1) to transfer and to disseminate latest research on issues relevant for Asia to Asia's European studies community, politics, and public;
(2) to transfer Asian research in European studies in general and on EU-Asian cooperation in particular to the ERA, and
(3) to promote sustainable cooperation between universities and research institutions in ERA and Asia.
All planned activities (with the exception of one conference in Macao, which in agreement with DG Research was cancelled due to lack of funds) took place in time and delivered planned results. In spite of major budgetary limitations, the project has pursued its objective successfully and in a constructive cooperation climate between participants, guests, and observes coming both from Europe and Asia, from different genders, age groups, and professions.

The project's major achievements included: %l - The project has contributed to the further build-up of a European studies infrastructure in Asia through academic conferences, workshops, and related cooperation activities and has significantly improved the cooperation within NESCA as the leading academic infrastructure for EU-Asian cooperation in the field and between European universities and institutions and Asian ones.
- The project's (now) six published books plus four to be published books are currently the leading joint European-Asian publications to the state-of-the-art in the field both within Europe and Asia and beyond.
- The project's activities have proved both to European and Asian institutions that good and productive EU-Asian cooperation is feasible and leads to constructive results both for scientific analysis and cooperation between and within both regions.

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