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EU Eastern Neighborhood: Economic Potential and Future Development


The project's proposal is organized around the ideas formulated in the European Neighbourhood Policy Strategy Paper, which offers '...neighbouring countries the prospect of a stake in the EU Internal Market based on legislative and regulatory approximation, the participation in a number of EU programmes and improved interconnection and physical links with the EU'.

The project will mostly focus on economic aspects of an EU Eastern neighbourhood such as: perspectives and conditions of closing the development gap between the CIS and EU, EU-CIS trade relations, including the energy trade, capital flows, including the FDI, the actual and potential role of labour migration and their economic and social consequences, cooperation in the area of justice, security and freedom, institutional harmonization of CIS economies with the EU standards and the role of EU in its leveraging.

The innovative approach of this proposal consists of deeper investigation of the interrelation between the mentioned areas of cooperation. In particular, we are going to analyse the links between four basic market freedoms, i.e. free movement of goods, services, capital and people, and various incentives, which can speed up economic and institutional development in CIS countries and their closer integration with the enlarged EU.

Call for proposal

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