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Researchers' Night in Sweden - ForskarFredag 2011


"Researchers’ Night in Sweden, ForskarFredag (Researchers´ Friday), FF, will consist of 15 events in 25 cities, geographically dispersed across Sweden. The project aims to bring the general public face-to-face with researchers. FF will take place on 23rd September 2011 and will be coordinated by VA (Public & Science), as in 2006-2010. Local event organisers will be universities, science centres, municipalities and a regional council. Both the coordinator and the event organisers have extensive links with researchers in industry and academia across a wide range of disciplines.

Innovative and exciting activities will be offered at all events, creating a relaxed and festive environment for the public and researchers to meet and talk. Fun, hands-on and interactive activities as well as informal dialogues on topical issues will attract the broadest public possible. Communication and European cooperation in research will be highlighted.

Events will be planned locally and brought together under the national FF umbrella, including a nationwide mass experiment for school classes in connection with the events and a joint website. This will ensure a unanimous FF message: “Researchers are ordinary people with extraordinary jobs”, as well as common objectives and a common identity through the FF logo and other marketing materials.

The estimated total number of visitors is at least 22,350. Live media reports and news items about the events are expected to reach approximately 2.5 million Swedes (over a quarter of the population). A coordinated awareness campaign will be implemented from early on. Impact will be assessed through measuring visitor numbers and the extent of media coverage, and through questionnaires for both researchers and the visiting public.

Findings from the impact assessment will be disseminated through the project participants´ networks and at national and international conferences. The findings will also be used to improve future FF events."

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Grev Turegatan 14
102 42 Stockholm
Activity type
EU contribution
€ 210 000
Administrative Contact
Lotta Tomasson (Ms.)