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Be researcher for a night in 2011!


"“Be researcher for a night” are the words that will invite again the public to come, play, talk and learn about researchers. The event will take place in 14 cities from all over Romania, in over 20 locations (research institutes, museums, shopping centers, public places) and aims to reach 33000 visitors, over 150 researchers, students and teachers and over 120000prs to be exposed to the awareness campaign. The awareness campaign will start from the first month, since a contest will be launched “PR for researchers!” where students and teachers will have the challenge to promote the researchers with various tools. In this way the researchers will get in contact with the new generation and their new ideas of using information and technologies. The results of the 25 teams enrolled will be presented during the event, inside the “SCIENCE CITY” that will be brought to life (Researchers’ Neighborhood, Science Market and Agora Space). Each area of the city will host specific activities (demonstrations and experiments that will look like taking place in the researcher’s living room; games and quizzes in the lively space of the market or hot topics discussed in agora). Although the public tends in this kind of events to discuss only scientific subjects, the personal side of the researchers will be highlighted through multimedia presentation “Why and how?”, personal pictures and articles brought in the area of the workshops, Wanna be medals. In Bucharest, a party will be organized late in the night where public and researchers will be able to wear costumes inspired from the event. A science flash mob organized in the month of the event in the cities involved will create a bigger impact than in the previous years. Also science truck and cars will do the promotion of the event as in the previous year, going from one city to another. Maintaining the logo and slogan from 2010 will create a link with previous years and awareness of the European and national dimension of the event."

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Sos Giurgiului 129
NA Bucharest

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Activity type
Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Administrative Contact
Oana Calin (Ms.)
EU contribution
€ 75 000