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Next-Generation Hybrid Broadcast Broadband

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Networked Media and Search Systems
Exploring the Future of Connected TV: HBB-NEXT presents novel applications and innovative research
You say “hello” and your TV set knows it’s you; it recommends those programmes which you are interested in. Your wife and children join you – the TV is aware of this change of audience and quickly adapts the recommendations to suit your whole family.
This is just one feature which has been developed by HBB-NEXT, a European FP7-funded project that takes services and technologies for Internet-connected TVs to a new level. Based on - and augmenting - the European HbbTV standard it has implemented such innovative solutions as
• multi-user identification,
• synchronisation between media streams and devices,
• multi-user recommendations,
• voice and gesture recognition
• user-tailored reputation scores for applications and cloud offloading.
Its new features include: being recognised by the TV for personal or group recommendations, enjoying ULTRA HD extra content on your tablet perfectly synchronised with the football match on TV, voting via the TV screen for your favourite TV show candidate, personalising the appearance of subtitles or sign language interpreter video and more.

So far, Hybrid Broadcast Internet applications have mostly linked Internet and broadcast by offering on-demand content in addition to current linear broadcast services and by replacing old-fashioned Teletext. However, many more services are on the horizon, and the market of hybrid and connected TV attracts attention from all stakeholders in the media value chain. The challenge is to take hybrid service to a new level where the wide range of expectations of user groups is met. HBB-NEXT will lay the foundations for advanced hybrid multi-user services by building upon existing standards and by enhancing them.The project seeks to facilitate the convergence of the broadcast and Internet world by researching user- centric technologies for enriching the TV-viewing experience with social networking, multiple device access, group-tailored content recommendations, as well as the seamless mixing of broadcast content, of complementary Internet content and of user-generated content. The project will deliver a set of enablers to allow device-independent applications that can syndicate content from multiple sources, supporting real-time content composition and content distribution for users in geographically distinct areas. Sophisticated technology will be developed for the easy use of content, e.g. advanced synchronisation methods for service components delivered across the Internet and broadcast networks. Data security and protection of user privacy will be an integral part of HBB-NEXT - but in a way that is transparent to the end-user.In liaison with the HbbTV Consortium, HBB-NEXT will define requirements and specifications for a secure multi-user and multi-device TV-viewing experience, thus fostering the implementation of new service concepts and business models.

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