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Mobile Assistance for Social Inclusion and Empowerment of Immigrants with Persuasive Learning Technologies and Social Network Services

Project description

ICT for smart and personalised inclusion
Mobile Assistance for Social Inclusion & Empowerment for Immigrants

MASELTOV recognises the major risks for social exclusion of immigrants from the European information society and identifies the huge potential of mobile services for promoting integration and cultural diversity in Europe. Mobile – everywhere/everytime - persuasive assistance is crucial for more efficient and sustainable support of immigrants. MASELTOV researches and develops novel ICT instruments in an interdisciplinary consortium with the key objective to facilitate and foster local community building, raising consciousness and knowledge for the bridging of cultural differences.MASELTOV realises this project goal via the development of innovative social computing services that motivate and support informal learning for the appropriation of highly relevant daily skills. A mobile assistant embeds these novel services that address activities towards the social inclusion of immigrants in a persuasive and most intuitive manner which is highlighted in MASELTOV with a representative application of most essential / beneficial information and learning services – such as ubiquitous language translation, navigation, administrative and emergency health services.MASELTOV researches for and develops enabling technologies with the industrial potential to easily exploit and scale up the prototypical user shares within the embedment of already existing successful services with worldwide user coverage. The project with its scientifically, technically and socially relevant results will enable a massive social impact on the future with respect to more cooperative – more successful - integration of millions of (im)migrants living together with hundreds of millions cohabitating European citizens.

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Südösterreich Steiermark Graz
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Lucas Paletta (Dr.)
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