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Nanocapsules for targeted delivery of radioactivity


The consortium RADDEL (RADioactivity DELivery) has a research-based approach for the training of the new generation of scientists in the development of novel functional nanomaterials . A well structured training program will be provided with a balanced combination of local and network-wide training through secondments, joint network meetings, workshops, schools, industrial training and the final network conference. The research program focuses on the design, synthesis, characterisation, pharmacological studies and dosimetry calculations of nanocapsules that seal in their interior radioactive materials for biomedical applications in the areas of cancer diagnosis and therapy. After sealing the chosen radionuclides, the external walls of the nanocapsules will be decorated with biomolecules to render them biocompatible and for targeting purposes. In a recent study we have recently observed that these nanocapsules allow the delivery of unprecedented radiodosage and remain stable for extended periods thus guaranteeing essentially zero leakage of the radionuclides. Surface functionalisation of these nanocapsules offers versatility towards modulation of tissue biodistribution of the radioemitting crystals in a manner determined by the nanocapsule that delivers them. The delivery of radioactivity takes place through the walls of nanocapsules (carbon) and release of the encapsulated radionuclides is therefore not needed and certainly not desired. The present research objectives go beyond the-state-of-the art in the field and innovative products and solutions are expected.

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