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European Research Training in the Ubiquitin Proteasome System

Final Report Summary - UPSTREAM (European Research Training in the Ubiquitin Proteasome System)

Project full title: European Research Training in the Ubiquitin Proteasome System
Project acronym: UPStream
UPStream is a network of European research groups interested on the role and regulation of Ubiquitin (Ub) and Ubiquitin-like (UBL) molecules and the Ubiquitin Proteasome System. The aim of the consortium is to train young investigators in this area of research.

Conjugation and de-conjugation of ubiquitylated proteins
Ubiquitylation is an efficient way to label proteins that will be degraded by the proteasome or will undergo conformational and/or interaction changes driving a large diversity of effects. The latest technological developments will be used within the network to explore chemical, biochemical, molecular, developmental and genetic aspects of the Ub and UBL modifications. This research area has become very attractive for fundamental research as well as for the pharmaceutical industry aiming to identify potential targets for the development of new drugs.

Beneficiaries (
Beneficiaries: CIC bioGUNE, GSK (Spain); NKI, LUMC (The Netherlands), UCPH (Denmark); GOETHE (Germany); MRC, UNIVDUN (UK); CRBM-CNRS, IGMM-CNRS (France); Technion (Israel). Associated Partners: Inbiomed (Spain); University of Leicester, University of Glasgow, UBIQUIGENT (UK); UbiQ, Yellow Research (The Netherlands).

Project Objectives (
The main objective of the international training network UPStream is the training of a new generation of European scientists in a critical and complex field of modern biology: the understanding of the regulation of the ubiquitin proteasome system and its potential use for drug development, as well as ubiquitin-like molecules.

Main achievements of the network

- Recruited fellows (
Twelve recruited fellows (11 Early Stage Researchers and 1 Experienced Researcher). Ten of them come from EU or EU candidate countries (Italy, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Iceland, Serbia and Turkey) and 2 of them from non-European countries (India and China). Gender ratio: 7:5 females: males.
- Scientific Research Programs (
Each fellow has undertaken an Individual Research Project during their participation in UPStream. The Fellows elaborated a Career Development Plan with their supervisors, defining the main scientific objectives of the student, together with the courses, secondments, and complementary skills that will help the Fellow in their career. These CDPs were revised by the UPStream Training Executive Board to ensure the completeness of each student’s training programme.

- Training (
UPStream organized specialized courses that were open to the scientific community and were announced in the UPStream official web page: (i) Fundamental Biochemistry of Ubiquitylation & SUMOylation. GOETHE, December 3rd-7th 2012; (ii) Basics principles of peptide chemistry and practical course in chemical ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like modification procedures. NKI, October 15th-17th 2013; (iii) Visualizing protein-protein interactions in cells. CRBM-CNRS, November 18th-22nd 2013. (iv) Proteasome, Technion, March 2nd-6th 2014; (v) Biophysical & X-Ray Crystallography, MRC, April 8th-8th 2014; (vi) Proximity Ligation, LUMC, September 29th-October 10th 2014; (vii) Theoretical courses on Screening Drug Discovery (GSK), Commercial Exploitation & Drug Discovery (UBIQUIGENT), Property & Grant Application (YELLOW Research), Madrid, Spain, September 23rd-26th 2014.
- Meetings (
The consortium organized periodical meetings: Kick-off Meeting, December 5th-6th 2011, Amsterdam; 1st Supervisory Board (SB) Meeting, October 1st-2nd 2012, Bilbao; 2nd SB, 1st Project & Mid Term Review Meeting, September 26th-27th 2013, Copenhagen; .3rd SB Meeting, May 27th 2014, virtual; 4th SB & 2nd Project Meeting, September 22nd, Madrid; 5th SB Meeting, May 5th 2015, virtual; 6th SB & 3rd Project Meeting, October 29th-30th, 2015 Montpellier.
- Webpage and Visibility:
All the information concerning UPStream is collected in its webpage: consortium, institutional partners, group members, fellows, projects, courses and meetings. Events, News and Job sections are implemented. The web page has an Intranet section to access to relevant documents. During this period, members of the consortium produced numerous publications, including UPStream students as co-authors. Students also participated in international, national or local congresses and meetings.
- Final results and their potential impact and use
Collaborations established during the project produced excellent scientific publications, presentations in congresses, workshops and meetings is expected. Most of the students presented their PhD or will do it in the near future and will expand their scientific careers in academic or private European institutions.

Contact Information
Coordinator: Rosa Barrio (
CIC bioGUNE, Functional Genomics Unit, Bizkaia Technology Park, Building 801-A, 48160 DERIO, Bizkaia, Spain. Tel. +34 944 061 316.