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Training Network for Self-Healing Materials: from Concepts to Market


The aim of the present Marie Curie project proposal is the development of self-healing materials, the market implementation for the most promising material concepts and developments as well as the training of young scientists and their knowledge transfer in mutual interaction programs due to the distinct interdisciplinary shape of the project.

The partners intend to address both actual fundamental research in material development as well as the complementary aspects of conceptual process chain analysis from a more industrial perspective. We have chosen to restrict our research to self healing material concepts with an existing sizeable academic development base and a sufficient number of positive findings to ensure a significant possibility of successful conversion to industrial application. If we succeed in bridging the gaps in knowledge and understanding for these promising materials, industrial development of these concepts and technologies is to be expected. This can only be achieved if specific interdisciplinary training is provided to young researchers, to master the concepts, know how to quantify healing, and how to position these materials in the application fields. Finally, it should be made clear that, notwithstanding the industrial oriented approach in this proposal, the work to be undertaken will always be of the highest scientific/academic character and aims to set a new standard in the development of novel material concepts.

The objects of the proposal are

-training and education for junior researchers and a strong support for the interdisciplinarity of the project to ensure technology transfer from laboratory research to industrial application
-promote actual self-healing strategies an concepts that address current materials or engineering limitations to application
-exploit the existing scientific and technological leadership of the partners to deliver viable and advanced solutions for the commercial exploitation of self-healing materials.

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