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Content archived on 2024-05-30

Quantum Optical Interfaces for Atoms and Nano-electro-mechanical Systems

Final Report Summary - INTERFACE (Quantum Optical Interfaces for Atoms and Nano-electro-mechanical Systems)

The INTERFACE project aimed at pushing the limits of sensing and communication beyond conventional limits. This has been achieved by generation of quantum correlations or entanglement in material and photonic systems. The systems used in the project include ensembles of quantum correlated atoms used for ultra-precise detection of magnetic fields, nano-mechanical transducers for optical detection of radio- and micro-waves, single photon sources and memories for quantum repeaters and nano-mechanical oscillators for detection of force and acceleration. The highlights achieved by the project include unconditional quantum teleportation between two atomic ensembles, demonstration of quantum interface between light and one-dimensional atomic strings, a novel opto-electro-mechanical convertor of radio-frequency waves onto light, and quantum back-action-free measurement of mechanical motion. Applications of this program range from bio- and medical sensing to secure communication. Two Proof-of-Concept grants have been awarded by ERC based on the achievements of the INTERFACE project.