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Toward a social construction of an European youth-ness: experience of inclusion and exclusion in the public sphere among second generation migrated teenagers


This project aims to explore second generation migrated teenagers in nine different local urban areas among six national contexts. They represent an important challenge for EU and its state members. Their social and cultural collocation and representation varies drammatically within different host European societies. In this perspective, the main aim of the proposed project is to evaluate and compare different structural, cultural, economic and socio-political factors that contribute to: - organize and orient socio-economic exclusion/inclusion phenomena among these groups in the public sphere - form/deform the perception and the construction of their belonging to their receiving societies and EU oriented values and principles. In first instance, the understanding of these processes is a potential mirror of how a society organize and set up its own rules, principles, values and socio-political instruments in an inclusion/exclusion perspective and secondly the comprehension of these differences implies the opportunity to make clear the historical processes and the socio-cultural economic and political dynamic that have managed an still govern local and national European contexts. The project aims to employ an ethnographic and 'emic' approach in order to focus on social actors' perspectives. By this, we expect to reach two main goals: first to understand the shift between the institutional dimension on the one hand and teenagers' perceptions and expectation concerning their access to public material and non material resources and on the other. In second instance, it will be possible to compare and to assess different national contexts and to provide a better insight of the positive and negative factors that are at work in different national political systems. This will lead to outline useful patterns in order to implement the construction of an European society based on equal accessibility to material and non mat

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