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Dimensions of Linguistic Otherness : Prospects of Maintenance and Revitalization of Minority Languages Within the New Europe


Our project aims to provide a frame for mutual transfer of knowledge between more or less isolated research communities about the current situation of linguistic minorities (LMs) in the East-Central-East European region including three INCO countries, to review state of the art in LM research, to develop a multidisciplinary comparative common research agenda and research strategy for the region, and to prepare policy recommendations at the national, regional and EU level.

These objectives are implemented through organizing a conference and two targeted workshops, setting up an Expert Group, publishing a volume and other dissemination activities. Country studies of the current situation of LMs reviewing relevant research and data are prepared following the same set of guidelines (to be presented and discussed at the conference, and published in the volume). International specialists review the state of the art in LM related research (these reviews are presented at the conference, and are published in the volume). Research agendas will be formulated in a first stage for each of the participating countries (to be discussed at the first targeted workshop), and in a second step for the region (worked out by the expert group, and to be discussed at the second targeted workshop).

The Expert Group will formulate policy and policy implementation suggestions at the national, regional and EU level. Throughout the project we actively involve policy-makers, and other stakeholders including representatives of minority self-governments and NGOs, professionals, activists and teachers. Our project strengthens the currently existing knowledge base about LMs and their multi-faceted relations with linguistic majority groups, and provides a frame for mutual transfer of knowledge. Reviewing the current state of LMs as well as national research on them, and developing the common regional research plan are crucially conducted using a comparative and multidisciplinary approach.

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