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Channel Modelling and Advanced Signal Processing for Wireless Communication Systems


The main objective of this proposal is to offer Dr. Serdar an opportunity to capitalise in Izmir Institute of Technology (Izmir Yuksek Teknoloji Enstitusu - IYTE), Izmir, Turkey, on the academic and professional research experience that he has acquired in the United States where has stayed more than 10 years.

The project, Channel Modelling and Advanced Signal Processing for Wireless Communication Systems (CHASP), aims to study the indoor-to-indoor and outdoor-to-indoor wireless channel models, and aims t o propose several diversity based advanced signal processing algorithms based on the channel models developed for several different wireless communication platforms and systems, such as but would not be limited to, wireless local area networks (WLANs), digital television receivers (DTVs), Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) communication systems.

It is aimed at reversing and cancelling the effects of the European brain drain to third countries by employing doctoral students in the project. The topical coverage o f the research topic also allows the development of lasting co-operation with the scientific and industrial milieu of Europe and the USA. Further specific objectives addressed are: Benefit to the career of the researcher from the period of re-integration and potential for long term professional integration and job stability of the researcher; capacity to transfer acquired knowledge and develop lasting co-operation with the Europe and the USA; contribution to European scientific excellence and European competitiveness.

Call for proposal

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Funding Scheme

IRG - Marie Curie actions-International re-integration grants


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