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Theory of Two-Dimensional Materials: Graphene and Beyond

Final Report Summary - GRAPHENE AND BEYOND (Theory of Two-Dimensional Materials: Graphene and Beyond)

This project explored physics of the new class of materials: atomically thin films of layered crystals. Graphene, because of its extraordinary electronic properties, was a major focus of this project. In the family of graphenes, the bilayer allotrope was the subject the studies of electron-electron correlation effects, quantum transport and quantum Hall effect. Beyond graphene, we investigated electronic properties of ultrathin films of hexagonal transition-metal dichalcogenides and gallium chalcogenides. We have modelled graphene-based devices and studies properties of electrons in graphene heterostructures with other hexagonal crystals. We developed new type of electrical resistance and current standards using graphene-based devices. We studies of strongly correlated electron phases in bilayer graphene: both at zero magnetic field and in the quantum Hall effect regime. We developed theories of the electronic properties of two-dimensional atomic crystals of gallium chalcogenides and hexahogonal transition-metal dichalcogenides.