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Content archived on 2024-06-18


Final Report Summary - MVISION (MVISION)

M+VISION is a program created by Comunidad de Madrid, through Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and cofinanced by the COFUND scheme of the European Union´s Seventh Framework Programme (call FP7-PEOPLE-2011-COFUND). The program aims at strengthening the career development of researchers and specialists in the area of biomedical imaging through a scheme of fellowships to develop translational research projects in host organizations (such as universities, research centers, hospitals or companies) in Madrid and Boston.

M+VISION programme intends on building a particularly favorable environment to train and reinforce career development of the best researchers in biomedical imaging. Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d (a public foundation dependent on the Madrid Regional Government) will count with the support of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to catalyze fellowships in biomedical imaging education and research.

The objectives of the project are:
(i) leveraging Madrid’s investment in biomedical imaging infrastructure and clinical network and MIT’s experience in integrating biomedical imaging research and education
(ii) attracting and nurturing top talents by providing broad-ranging education and research experiences in cutting edge biomedical areas
(iii) promoting work that is translational and posed for impact in medicine and healthcare
(iv) creating a network of professionals in the academic, medical, industry and government sectors.

M+VISION in its 72 months length will offer 30 fellowships to experienced researchers under adequate researcher labour conditions to develop research projects in the frame of hosting institutions. The program offers support for a maximum of three years, consisting of a fellowship of a duration of one year and two years of employment contract together with contributions to research and travel costs. The first year the researchers receive funding from Comunidad de Madrid and the fellowship is developed in a fundamentally academic environment, while the second and third year they are hired directly by the host organizations, developing more market-oriented research.

There are two types of fellowships depending on the type of mobility that they include:

- Incoming modality: the three years of fellowship take place in Spain.
- Outgoing modality: the first two years of fellowship take place in the United States and the third year in Spain.

The economic support consists of:

- Fellowship (first year): 43,000 € / year
- Employment contract (second and third year): € 65,000 / year (Employer cost)
- Research costs: 2.300 € / year
- Travel costs: 3.300 € / year

Researchers are selected by international panels through a transparent evaluation process following the European Code of Conduct for the recruitment of researches and the Charter for Researchers. Fellows will benefit from the knowledge, expertise, and existing networks of hosts organisations and MIT, and will be encouraged to foster long term relationships.

Since its start in June 2012, M+VISION has issued three calls:

1º In January 2013, the first M+VISION call was released and 28 applications were submitted from researchers from 11 nationalities. As a result of the call, 7 fellowships were awarded (4 incoming and 3 outgoing) to promising researchers from Spain, Morocco, Argentina and Hungary.

2º In 2014, 25 applications were submitted to the second M+VISION Call (19 incoming and 6 outgoing) from researchers from 11 nationalities. 10 fellowships were awarded (7 incoming and 3 outgoing) to researchers from Spain, Colombia, United Kingdom and India.

3º In the last call, issued in 2015, 22 applications were submitted (12 incoming, 9 outgoing and 1 not specified) from researchers from 5 nationalities. 10 fellowships were awarded (7 incoming and 3 outgoing) to researchers from Spain, Germany, India and Switzerland.

Project Coordinator: María Jesús García-Alarrilla y Palacio
Project Manager: Sonia Basulto

in Spanish
in English

List of host organisations:

- Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d – Coordinator
- Fundación Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares Carlos III – Host Institution in Spain
- Instituto de Óptica –CSIC – Host Institution in Spain
- Universidad Carlos III de Madrid – Host Institution in Spain
- Hospital de Fuenlabrada – Host Institution in Spain
- Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas – Host Institution in Spain
- Universidad Autónoma de Madrid – Host Institution in Spain
- Fundación Reina Sofía-CIEN – Host Institution in Spain
- Universidad Complutense de Madrid – Host Institution in Spain
- IE Business School – Host Institution in Spain
- Fundación de Investigación HM Hospitales – Host Institution in Spain
- Universidad Rey Juan Carlos – Host Institution in Spain
- Universidad de Alcalá – Host Institution in Spain
- Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Host Institution in USA
- Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Host Institution in USA
- Massachusetts General Hospital – Host Institution in USA
- Brigham and Women's Hospital – Host Institution in USA

Main results, conclusions and potential impact:

The research results showed in the graphic correspond to those included in the fellow’s scientific reports for the three years of the first, second and third calls of the project.

The results conducted by the fellows have the following categories: Scientific articles, congress, symposiums and workshops contributions, book publications, speaker in courses and conferences, business creation, participation in other research projects, doctoral advisor, awards/research work recognition, workshops organisation, training courses and patents/licenses.

It should be pointed out the contributions to 175 Congress, Symposiums and Workshops where the fellows have been able to present their research works, as well as the 154 scientific articles to scientific reviews. The Internet has fundamentally changed the publishing of scientific articles and the way readers find and access to articles. Digital access is nowadays the norm, in particular for researchers which articles are openly available in full text for anyone with Internet access. This is a good upside to produce a high impact in the academic society.

The results also highlight the participation of the fellows in more than 57 research projects and the submission of 14 application patents/licences. Besides, two start-up has been created for three of our fellows during the Marie Curie Cofund Fellowship, which represents a good result for the MVISION project as it will let the fellow to continue with his research work for the future.

To conclude, it has been remarkable the collaboration generated among the MVISION fellows about working together in scientific articles as well as the numerous awards for the recognition obtained because of their research work. There is a high impact of research funding on the quantity and quality of the scientific output of the fellows in MVISION Cofund project (more than 150 scientific articles in biomedical imaging). The results of the project confirms a positive impact on the quantity and quality of the publication of the fellows, which are young researcher who most of them have been working in large teams. Moreover, most of them will be able to continue with their scientific careers through new contracts in their host institutions, new funding or by the creation of spin-offs.

Some of the awards/research work recognition have been the following:

- XII Awards Madri+d 2018 Scientific Communication: Susana Carmona
- Award Foundation BBVA (Innovator): Alberto Jiménez Schumacher
- 2016 OSA Oustanding Reviewer Recognition: Yvas Akondi
- Award “Impacto Salud” Social Entrepreneurship Network: Carlos Castro
- “Tech Innovation Prize” Rice Bussiness Plan Competition: Carlos Castro
- Best “Technology-based idea” Foundation Madri+d: Carlos Castro
- Delta V Accelerator por Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship: Carlos Castro
- First prize at Innovatech Challenge by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, November 2017: Carlos Castro
- Third prize at Philips Wearables Contest, October 2017: Carlos Castro
- Award “Innovators under 35” 2016: Carlos Sánchez Mendoza

In Annex X it can be found an analysis of the results of each call of the project and the final results taking into account the three calls together and in Annex XI it is presented the dissemination of the final results of the project by Fundación madri+d.