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Use of newly designed organic molecules as large and efficient structure directing agents for the synthesis of microporous aluminophosphates


"We aim to develop new large and efficient structure directing agents (SDAs) for the specific synthesis of microporous aluminophosphates (AlPOs). New concepts will be used for designing new types of SDAs in a search for extra-large-pore microporous aluminophosphates, in line with the search for tailored materials proposed in the Work Programme. AlPOs have unique chemical properties that differentiate them from their zeolite counterparts, remarkably a high hydrophilic nature. We will explore the chemical uniqueness of these AlPO networks in a search for SDAs specifically designed for this type of materials.
Three different concepts will be investigated. First, we will explore supramolecular chemistry issues in order to get extra-large SDAs. We will use molecules bearing large aromatic moieties, which are able to self-assemble through π-π type interacions, and thus will form larger molecular entities that will act as SDAs. We will then introduce fluorine atoms in those aromatic rings in an attempt to enhance the molecular aggregation, since it is known that organic F atoms tend to aggregate by developing non-bonded F---F interactions in aqueous media. Second, N-containing molecules bearing hydrophilic groups, such as hydroxyl substituents, will be used in an attempt to maximise the interaction with the hydrophilic AlPO network in order to enhance the structure directing ability of the SDAs. An interesting example of this type of SDAs will be provided by the use of aminosugars, which contain an amino group, required for providing a basic character, and many outermost hydroxyl groups that will potentially enhance the interaction with the hydrophilic framework. Once understood these concepts, they will be combined in order to get large (through aggregation) and efficient (through OH groups) SDAs that will potentially lead to extra-large-pore AlPO structures. A combination of experimental and computational works will ensure a satisfactory progress of the research."

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Eusebio Jiménez Arroyo (Mr.)
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€ 50 000