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From Dark Matter to the Large Hadron Collider: A New Data-Driven Era


The upcoming years are poised to be exciting. The frontiers of particle physics will expand as new data from high energy colliders, astrophysical measurements and Dark Matter (DM) direct detection experiments become available. After more than 40 years dominated by the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics, it is likely that soon the way will be paved to an extended, more profound theory of Nature. This proposal investigates several aspects of theories beyond the SM, collider phenomenology and DM physics, emphasizing the interplay between the subjects, and following closely the experimental results. One emphasis is placed on DM and in particular on paradigms that go beyond the vanilla Weakly Interacting Massive Particle (WIMP) scenario. Specifically, we propose to study the theoretical motivations and experimental avenues to detect the largely unexplored light DM paradigm. Another natural focus of attention is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). We propose to study low scale hidden sectors and their collider consequences. In particular, we focus on related non-standard Higgs decays that require dedicated searches to discover. In this new era, theorists must ensure they are prepared to interpret, correlate, and refine their understanding of nature, as new data flows in from the myriad of ongoing experiments. This is the spirit of the proposal at hand.

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