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Nanoparticles as photocatalysts: understanding their interaction with light


"The industrial need for green, cost effective catalysts is crucial. Recently, attention has been placed on the generation of novel catalysts that can be developed at a minimal cost and efficiently yield the desired products.
The general aim of the project is to use light-driven strategies to design nanosystems and develop novel photocatalysis, by using the interaction of these nanosystems with light. The topic of this project is integrated in an area of great actuality and potentiality, at the intersection between nanotechnology, organic chemistry, the design of functional molecules, supramolecular chemistry, and photochemistry/photophysics. Since light is being used for so many different applications in the area of nanotechnology, it is crucial to understand the effect of light excitation on the nanoparticles (NPs) and which processes can be derived from these light-nanosystem interactions.
Thus, the specific objective of this project is to gain knowledge about how light-driven strategies can be applied to: 1) make colloidal nanodevices, as well as for controlling their size- and/or shape- modification, i.e. application of light as a tool for the preparation of functional nanodevices; and 2) use the photochemical and photophysical properties of new or known nanomaterials to develop new synthetic routes. Switchability of NP in the systems under study will also be explored.
These objectives will be achieved by developing the proposed work plan at The Institute of Molecular Science at the University of Valencia under the supervision of Prof. Perez-Prieto. The candidate has signed already a contract for three years starting in September 2011 and is willing to transfer the knowledge she has acquired in Canada working in Prof. Scaiano's group, to the European Community. During these three years she will develop her strong carrier plan that would allow her to consolidate and establish her scientific career in Europe."

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