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Biomimetic Approaches of Natural Functional Surfaces with hierarchical micro & nano structure and the extreme Wettability

Final Report Summary - BIOAPPRONFS WETT (Biomimetic Approaches of Natural Functional Surfaces with hierarchical micro & nano structure and the extreme Wettability)

In the natural world, plants and animals have evolved over time of millions & millions years to best adapt to the environment. They are not waste but always tending to be simple and save energy. They interact very effectively with the surrounding environment by exchanging energies and mass flow across their cuticles making use of specific micro structures and functions to achieve the perfect energy balance. BioApproNFS Wett research staff exchange network aims to promote biomimetics or nature inspired functional surfaces and the wettabilities, which are important for help improve energy efficiency, etc., in many engineering and industrial areas.

Over the past four years (2012-2016), the European commission FP7 programme supported Marie Curie international research staff exchange programme of “BioApproNFS Wett” has brought together leading researchers from five Institutes of four different countries to collaborate in the research area of biomimetic approaches of natural functional surfaces and the extreme wettability. Each member of institutes has achieved visible progress of research in the topic area measured by their publications, conference presentations, etc. Aiming at facilitating research staff exchange in biomimetics, the research exchanges as proposed have been effectively carried out, the proposed tasks have been implemented, the collaborations among the partners have been enhanced, and some notable and outstanding progresses have been achieved. The functions of the joint international laboratory initiated by the University of Nottingham & Jilin University, has been extended through the exchanges and the collaborations among the network research members also though international society of bionic engineering have helped the implementation and exploitation of research exchange programme. The following major joint network seminars/workshops and international conferences organised by the network include

5th International conference of bionic engineering, ICBE2016-unnc, Ningbo, 21-24 June 2016 ( )
4th International conference of bionic engineering, Nanjing, ICBE2013, 13-16 August 2013
5th BioApproNFS-Wett Workshop, 13-14 August 2015, Dalian Maritime University, Dalian,
5th BioApproNFS-Wett Workshop, 4-5 June 2015, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon
4th BioApproNFS-Wett Workshop, 18 September 2014, Beijing (with ISBE) and 20 September, Changchun
3rd BioApproNFS-Wett Workshop, 15 April 2014, Nottingham, Nottingham
Biomimetics workshop including BioApproNFS-Wett, 20 January in Cambridge
2nd BioApproNFS-Wett Workshop, 18-20 August 2013, Jilin University, Changchun
1st BioApproNFS-Wett kick-off meeting and workshop, 20 April 2012, University of Nottingham, Nottingham

The programme have demonstrated major benefits for research collaborations, and typically for early staged researchers from the members of high education institutes and also the industrial companies involved in the workshops and international seminars and conferences from both Europe and China. Through research collaborations and staff exchanges, the state-of-the-art technologies of studying biomimetics (or bionics), such as micro scaled fabrication, functional nanoparticle coating, hierarchical micro & nano structure, and surface wettability have been studied and applied. Major programmes of the research staff exchanges include research visits, training for early staged researchers, and organising regular open research seminars, workshops and conferences. The dissemination and exploitation are mainly based on research publications, seminars, workshops and the international conferences have been implemented. Significant numbers of publications have been published by the members of the network.