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Modelica Model Library Development for Media, Magnetic Systems and Wavelets


The modelling language Modelica and libraries based upon it are excellently suited for model-based design of future aircraft systems, e.g. more electric aircraft or sustainable air-conditioning systems. To enable those design tasks, Modelica Libraries for media models, electromagnetic devices such as transformers and electrical machines and for wavelet analysis shall be developed or extended by a consortium of three partners.
XRG Simulation will provide two fluid property models according to the Modelica.Media specification, one model for R134a and one model for humid air. Both models shall be used for complex air conditioning system simulation e.g. of aircraft.
Technische Universität Dresden, where the Modelica.Magnetic.FluxTubes library was originally developed, will extend this library with hysteresis models. Simulation of static (ferromagnetic) and dynamic (eddy current) hysteresis allows for estimation of iron losses in transformers and electrical machines and hence, e.g. for subsequent simulation of heating.
In addition, Modelica models of one- and three-phase transformers will be developed. Compared to the simple transformer models already included in the Modelica Standard library, the models to be developed include a transformer’s magnetic subsystem and hence consider saturation and core losses. The developed hysteresis and transformer models will be validated with in-house measurements.
Furthermore, the Modelica.Magnetic library will be extended by electrical machine models based on look-up tables. These models allow for dynamic simulation of machines with saturation and non-linear torque-current-angle characteristics.
Technische Universität München will develop a Modelica Wavelet library for capture, identification and analysis of processes. This library will allow new signal processing methods for analysis, reconstruction and modelling of signals. That will improve the power quality assessment in physical systems, e.g. in electrical systems of aircraft.

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