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Epilepsy Learning


The last decades witnessed an extraordinary advancement in the development of biotechnologies applied to basic and clinical neurosciences and a tendency to the super-specialisation of human resources, increasing the cultural gap between basic-science and c linical operators. This precludes the development of a general vision of the mechanisms controlling brain function and may slow down the advancement of translational research aimed at understanding and curing brain diseases. As many as 40 million people in Europe have a history of seizures and 6 million currently have active epilepsy. Even though most patients respond to treatment, about 30-40% develop a chronic intractable epilepsy.Education plays a key role in increasing professional knowledge and in redu cing/preventing social exclusion of patients.To ensure standardized diagnostic work-up and care throughout Europe, and to improve understanding of the epileptogenetic process, a systematic educational programme should be implemented.A new generation of res earchers is needed that,irrespectively of their scientific background, will look at epilepsy with a novel perspective and a solid understanding of the potentials and the limits of technological advancements. Aim of the proposed series of events (3 Advanced Training Courses and a final Conference) is to promote interactions between basic neuroscientists and neurologists, by creating a common vocabulary through lectures and tutorial activities provided by a team of teachers sharing an integrate view of neuros cience,rooted in an outstanding expertise in epileptology.Eligible researchers will acquire managerial skills to plan, organise and develop research activities and to achieve exploitation of research products.The ultimate goal is to facilitate reciprocal t ransfer of information between laboratories and hospitals to improve the translational potentials of epilepsy research, with a particular focus on the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

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