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Sustainable recycling of aircrafts composites


"The project aims at developing a sustainable, cost effective, purely physical approach to the recycling of thermosetting and thermoplastic carbon fibres reinforced composites typically obtained from the dismantling of End-of-Life Aircrafts. A preliminary investigation will be carried out to assess which are the suitable analytical techniques, aimed to the characterization of the material, both in terms of matrix and filler. This procedure, along with the information provided by the material’s data sheets, will also help to devise the best recycling and reutilization options. Potential application of the recycled compounds are automotive, interior and outdoor design, as well as non-structural components in aircraft industry. Improvement of mechanical, thermal, and aging resistance properties of the recycled compounds will be obtained through the use of proper compatibilizing agents. As far as the thermoplastic components is concerned, they will be blended with suitable commodity thermoplastics and then characterized in terms of morphology and tensile, impact and dynamic-mechanical properties. The activity on thermosets will develop novel methods to recycle stabilized fiber-reinforced epoxy-based composites. The working plan is divided in different tasks: 1 – Dimensional reduction of the composite, with investigation of the proper grinding system, in order to get particles not greater than 500 microns. 2 – Mixing the so obtained granules with fluidified polymer matrices, according to a proprietary process, aiming at producing a fluid composite containing at least 50% by weight of thermoplastic and/or thermoset residue. 3 – Processing the obtained compounds into solid plates with different thickness that find application in outdoor furnishing (tiles, flooring, etc.), or polymer granules to be processed with conventional injection molding equipment to get tailor shaped manufacts. The latter should have properties comparable to those of virgin materials, but with lower cost."

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