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IMPact SHIELD Design B


"This proposal is to design and manufacture an innovative shield to protect critical components of an aircraft against high velocity shrapnel from an engine burst. The concept proposed here exploits the weight advantages of high performance fibres, in a design that uses a net like fibre membrane for energy absorption. Considerations for their integration in an aircraft are made.
The proposal has come from a close collaboration between the Imperial College Consultants and Swerea SICOMP. It is therefore the result of the combined skills in manufacturing structural composites for the defence and aeronautical industry as well as specific ballistic design skills. Both institutes have the necessary skills, experience and equipment to design and manufacture a successful shield. As both these institutes are non profit research establishments actively working to advance composite technology, the materials and techniques have been chosen based on the type of treat and the aircraft integration constraints and there is no constrain to use any one particular material supplier. Publishing and dissemination of the results is also not a problem if so desired."

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Fibervaegen 2 - Oejebyn
941 26 Pitea
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Research Organisations
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€ 67 499
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Kenneth Strand (Mr.)