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Neuroscience Training in Europe


The cost of brain disorders in Europe has recently been estimated to amount to 386 billion. Furthermore, the brain is the only organ whose physiological functioning is far from being completely understood.

These facts indicate the need for further brain research and specific training of young researchers in the field. Neuroscience schools in Europe have been carried out by several multi- and monodisciplinary societies, on a rather spotty and non-standardised scale.

The NEUROTRAIN project will provide a standard platform for neuroscience training by offering a series of 4 events to implement a school system standardised coherently in relation to structure, program frame, industrial aspects, complementary skills, event management, selection of high quality scientists, topics and tutors, and evaluation after events to enable continuous improvement.

The project starts with a satellite event of the FENS Forum 2006 and is followed by three schools on topics in which Europe has a strong interest, contributing to t he uptake of most recent advances by European researchers.

All the events address brain function and dysfunction linked by neuroplasticity as common key mechanism in adult brain development (e.g. for learning and memory as well as for recovery of the injured brain).

Field of science

  • /natural sciences/biological sciences/neurobiology

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Funding Scheme

SCF - Marie Curie actions-Series of events


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