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Development of strategic academia-industry partnership in Romania for knowledge management in environmental friendly technologies

Final Activity Report Summary - KNOWENTECH (Development of Strategic Academia-Industry Partnership in Romania for Knowledge Management in Environmental Friendly Technologies)

The major objective of this project was to create and develop a real strategic and sustainable academia - industry partnership in Romania, in particular with SMEs, based on an efficient knowledge / information and technology transfer activity on knowledge management for environmental friendly technologies.

This objective has been achieved by mutual inter-sectorial exchange and secondment of specialists from European and Romanian host institutions, by means of ingoing stages (I) and outgoing stages (O), while less than 30 % of training activities were exchanged by national specialists (N).

This ToK - IAPP project has been successfully accomplished as a result of fruitful collaboration established among the three Romanian partners (coordinator - university UPB Bucharest and the two industrial partners, P2 - ICPE, Bucharest and P3 - Optoelectronica 2001 S.A. Magurele) and partners from Greece (academia - P4 - Technological Education Institute of Western Macedonia, Kozani and industry - P5 - KIKIS Heating Ind, Kozani), and also partners from Portugal (industrial partner P7 - Know Idea, Porto and academia - P10 - Laboratorio de Nacional de Engenharia Civil, LNEC, Lisbon) and Germany (P9 - Diulescu eng company).

The main research and transfer of knowledge results achieved by the project team can be summarised as follows:
a) Dissemination of project objectives and outcomes within 24 international conferences, workshops, symposiums: 12 plenary lectures and 42 oral presentations at international conferences, 5 workshops moderated within large international conferences.
b) Papers presented at 32 international conferences and workshops with research results performed by the researchers in stage according to the project tasks - 40 papers orally presented.
c) Papers published in the proceedings of international conferences, containing results performed by the researchers in stage according to the project tasks - 32 papers.
d) Papers published in refereed journals - 38 papers.
e) Books and monographs - 20 books published in recognised publishing houses, 15 of them with joint authors from the academia and industry area of different partners belonging to this project, with 29 authors involved from the project team. Two of these monographs are published bilingual, in English - Portuguese and English - Romanian.
f) Workshops organised by the KnowEnTech team for training and transfer of knowledge activities - 40, in 6 of them being involved team members belonging to more than 2 partner institutions.
g) Training courses on specific tasks of the project (28) summarising a number of 742 hours attended by 220 early stage researchers and 580 experienced researchers.
h) Lectures delivered to researchers and SMEs managers - 71, on the project tasks summarising a number of 222 hours, attended by 130 early stage researchers and 375 experienced researchers.
i) Meetings organised with specialists and experts from industrial environment on knowledge management in environmental friendly technologies - 12 meetings.
j) Working and reflection groups to prepare feasibility and case studies on topics specific to the project tasks, preparing proposals for scientific projects in national and European competitions, building strategic industry - academia partnerships for knowledge management in environmental technologies - 57 activities.
k) Other important outcomes of the project: one PhD thesis finalised, creation of a new company: European Omni Consult.

Activity of this project will be continued within a new FP7 - PEOPLE - 2009 - IAPP applied and approved, Nr 25150,1 with 6 partners out of which 3 were involved in this KNOWENTECH project: UPB-Romania - coordinator of both previous and new projects, P2 - ICPE, Romania and P7 KNICON, Portugal. Title of new project is 'Analysing the potential of digital business ecosystems (RBEs) to enhance regional development of Bucharest - Ilfov and Galicia and North Portugal regions' (DBEFORSMES).