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VINyl photopolymer Development Of BONe replacement Alternatives


"In this project, new photopolymers as potential bone replacement materials will be developed which can be shaped by 3D printer. As the material and its degradation products should exhibit a very low cytotoxicity, acrylate based reactive diluents will be replaced by a new generation of monomers with exceptional low toxicity (vinyl carbonates). By careful selection of the monomers, thiols, and suitable fillers like hydroxyapatite, mechanical properties similar to natural bone should be obtained. The main focus of the project lies on the determination of the photoreactivity and investigations concerning mechanical properties and degradation behavior of a set of different monomer formulations. Finally, with the optimum formulation the test structures should be built using 3D printing. A crucial point for the structuring process is the rheological behavior of the formulation. After the completion of the project, the cellular 3D parts should be used for in vivo experiments by our partners in the framework of currently running projects."

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Karlsplatz 13
1040 Wien

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Ostösterreich Wien Wien
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Administrative Contact
Robert Liska (Prof.)
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