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Research Training on Supranational Criminal Law


The last decade has seen a breakthrough in the development of the body of law concerning war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. A completely new field of law has emerged: Supranational Criminal Law. Establishment of Supranational Criminal Law jurisdiction will have a stabilising effect on societies and relationships between societies worldwide.

The resulting political stability and peace is essential for economic prosperity of the European Union. The basis of current Supranational Criminal Law jurisdiction is a combination of many old law families and traditions. This gives rise to a number of issues, which restrict the authority of it's jurisdiction.

For example, there still is disagreement on the details of current definitions, characterisation of crimes and on the concept of Crime of Aggression. A major restraint is that here are only few lawyers/jurists in the world who may be considered to be genuine Supranational Criminal lawyers/jurists.

A new generation of lawyers/jurists must be raised for this new field of law. The SUPRA-RT project will produce 168 young top researchers for the European Research Area, newly-trained on Supranational Criminal Law research. The training consist of 4 Top Summer Schools, 8 Research Courses and 2 Network Conferences over a period of 4 years.

The training alongside scientists and practitioners with international reputations of relevant disciplines of law, will guarantee broad knowledge and experience on eminent issues within Supranational Criminal Law, giving the selected young top researches a distinct head-start over young researchers pursuing standard single discipline education.

They will be extremely valuable for the future of Supranational Criminal Law research within Europe. This will contribute to important Community policies on both the implementation of Supranational Criminal Law jurisdiction and on establishing a strong European Research Area.

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